Day Care Age group : 3 - 9 years ,  Timings : 4. p.m to 6.30 p.m

A care giving, learning atmosphere for children of working parents, guided by a mentor. View More

Budding and Happy ReadersAge group : 3-8 years,  

Mrs. Anusha Ashok conducts the reading sessions for Juniors ( 3-6) years and Seniors (6-8) years once a week. she will read one or two books based on the theme. Vocabulary is built by having a 'word of the day'. There will be craft or games or other activities tailored to the theme. Seniors will get to carry a book home twice a month. Kids will have to read the book and present the story and book report. It is conducted on Monday from  5.15 pm  to 6.15 pm for Budding readers and on Tuesdays f... View More

PhonicsAge group : 5-10 years,  

Children are taught the correspondences between sounds (phonemes) and letters. They identify and blend different letter sounds and letter combinations together ( synthesize ) them to make a word. Through this children take the first important steps in learning to read. We use child friendly approach of teaching letter-sound pattern recognition through games, worksheets and many more fun activities. Our program has been divided into three levels based on age and cognitive skills: Beginners ( 5... View More